Chapter Certification (FY2017-18)

Chapter Certification (FY2017-18)

From October 20, 2017 11:55 pm until October 20, 2017 11:59 pm

All certification packets are due to your Administative Assistants by October 20th so the chapter can be fully certified and approved by the Province by October 31stth. * * * The Certification deadline for chapters participating in the (Fall) MTA will be sometime earlier.  Your date will come from the MTA team.* * * The official and only method to submit the certification packet is electronically. Chapters needing help with this method should contact their Administrative Assistant to receive guidance.

(Remember that the certification process requires you to submit the packet, as instructed by the Province Polemarch for final certification approval). Failure to
complete the packets by the deadline may result in the following:
- The chapter status is changed to “Not in Good Standing”
- The chapter will not be allowed to participate in MTA P through August 31st of the next year.
- The chapter will be subject to a fine in the amount not to exceed $500.
Any questions concerning the following should be directed to the Province Polemarch or Province Certification Team.

To begin the E-Certification Process:

1) If are already a registered user, you must log into
2) Enter the 'Members Only' Section
3) Select 'Certification'
4) Download the Users Guide if needed
5) Choose either Alumni or Undergraduate E- Certification

If you are not a registered province website user, You must create a login.
From, select LOGIN TO SITE
Select Create Account and complete all of the necessary fields
You will receive an with an activation link to activate your account
Once activated you will receive an approval email notifying you can log into your account.


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